What Are The Main Features Of Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoop

Basketball is one of the most exciting games in the world today and everyone wants to get involved in it.
The best thing is that you can take it behind your yard and enjoy this amazing game.
But sometimes this can be a nightmare to those people who live in places where they cannot construct a permanent basketball hoop.
But this should not be a bother since you can always purchase a portable and a durable portable hoop to enjoy the best gaming.
You can also purchase one for the children to grow their talent who can later venture into basketball as a profession.
We have provided you with the best features that will enable you to choose the best basketball hoop.

•Size of the backboard
•Backboard material
•Range of adjustability
•The offset of the backboard
•Support pole
•Check adjustability
•Construction quality

Size of the board

The size of the board matters a lot you have to consider who is using the board
Board sizes are regulated by the NBA and NCAA are 72 inches and 42 inches’ high.
If you are building a professional basketball yard you should go for a 72 inches high backboard.
The sizes of the board usually start at 44 inches wide and they are very small, makes layups and the back shots are very impossible.
Better playability board begin at 54 inches these give a much more professional feel and it allows layups and angle floaters
The high-quality expensive board, they normally come with a 60 inches’ backboard
72 inches’ backboards are the most luxurious and perfect professional basketball goals in the market.

Check adjustability

This is a must check feature when you are acquiring a portable basketball hoop.
This enables you to adjust the position of the hoop according to age or the ability of the player.
This is mostly recommended when purchasing for kids since they are growing and thus will be adjusting position as they grow taller or as their abilities increases.
This is some of the questions that you may ask yourself as you check for adjustments:
•The height of adjustment
•The mechanism used for adjustment.
•Effort applied in changing the height.
•Who you buying for.


As the feature suggests the portable basketball hoop is not constructed in one place and can be moved from place to place.
Some have been constructed with rolling wheels to ensure it is easy to move.

Quality in construction.

Should ensure that you purchase the best hoop in the market one that has been made to withstand the extreme force and one that can last longer.

Backboard material

Backboards are usually made up of either polythene, tempered glass or acrylic


This is another name for plastic which is the cheapest in the market basketball hoops.
The main advantage is that they are not easily destroyed giving a longer life it is the best if you are looking for a long lasting hoop.


They are cheaper than polythene backboard and they are transparent which give a professional look.
Acrylic is made of a soft material and they will pick up scratches with time and which slowly get spoilt with time.

Tempered glass

This is material used by professional basketball hoops NCAA, NBA, and all over the world.
Today it is considered to be the heaviest material used in the backboards and it requires a solid base pole support.
The tempered glass is not easily scratched and it always looks clean. uniquely than any other material which looks or turn into yellow when they are exposed to sunlight for a longer duration.

The offset of the backboard

The offset is the distance between the backboard and the support pole
If the offset is small, it is likely to crash into the basketball pole goals.
The offset should hang for a minimum range of four feet, but because of the portability it is usually a little less which bring perfect shooting.
If you are playing professional games make sure it hangs a little deeper.


The rim diameter is a constant in every hoop it should always measure 18 inches the difference is how the rim is attached in the board.
Standard rims are usually screwed on the lower backboard.
The modeling of the board gives more stability and also the results are of long rebounds, and in and outshot bouncing.

Support pole

The support pole is very important for the stability of the basketball hoop.
Today portable hoops are robotically made to adjust the height to your desire.
Height adjustment system depends on the width and the ease of use.
Cheap basketball poles are having a fixed knob of 6 inches’ increment but for professionals like NBA and NCAA have a screw jack adjustment system which is favorable and it gives you the choice of choosing the height of between 7.5 and 10.


The base is the most crucial part of any portable basketball because it is not only made for good support stability but also it should offer good portability
The base is commonly made of a container filled with water or sand.
The capacity of the base gives more stability depending on the size the bigger it is the better the support.

If you are a basketball lover, then you surely need this portable basketball hoop to enjoy the best basketball experience of your life.
Check for the main features such as the durability, portability, quality, and adjustability of the hoop before you purchase it.
Get this easy basketball hoop from professional review web and experience the fun today!